Tricking Music: Hadouken

The futures bright, actually its more than bright, its dayglow – neon green!

I bought the Hadouken album the other week and its been spinning ever since. I’ve lasered it to death in my car, home stereo and computer… Its also been burning my ears through the magic that is mp3. I wouldn’t say I’m a hardened new-wave, grime-rave head, but watching too many free running videos with Pendulum in it has fried my brain (in a good way) and it only took one listen to realise that every track on this album is a sampler in some form.

So, this is just a big hello to a brand new disco, if anyone is searching for a few tracks to overlay on an edit. Give ‘Music For an Accellerated Culture a whirl and head for tracks like ‘Liquid Lives’ & ‘Crank It Up’.


(I’m not paid to promote this album, however bribing me does work)


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