Yes it’s time to monitise!

This space on every page and post on rotation with 5 other ads targetted at Gymnasts, BBoys, Trickers, Free runners, Traceurs, Athletes, Gym heads and similars.

The stats are clear for all to see…. 5000 page views a month and rising. A grand total of 220k views to date, even 1% of that traffic is a healthy return for your expense.

Month Stats Up To Oct 2010

FlipCatch blog has been documenting human movement for 5yrs now and this is the first and only time that a chance to advertise to my audience has been available. I am making room for 5 ads on this site – 4 companies & 1 for the blog itself. The first business to get onboard gets exclusive visibility up until the other slots arrive. What a deal!

So whether you’re promoting your own blog, your DVD release, your skills, products, services, venues, equipment or knowledge… I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Contact mark [at] markmapstone [dot] com now

Read more about this decision on the blog post


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