“Float like a doughnut, sting like a bouncy castle” 


Acrobatics, martial arts, gymnastics and breakdancing can be performed correctly without the experience of a trained professional, with no serious injuries at all. Performing such moves under the influence of alcohol or narcotics or pure enthusiasm alone can lead to some wonderous achievements, like flips off of walls and jumping from very high buildings, particularly when a video camera is pointed at you. And of course, not forgetting any flip you like in a gymnasium because, well, its all padded there anyway. However from time to time you may be inclined to push the limits of gravity, physics and fear by attempting something deemed ‘reckless’ or ‘unsafe’ by those without the same bucket of confidence you have. Please ignore them and continue, they are simply passing their fears on to you, no harm will come to you at all. Besides we have a perfectly adequate (albeit underfunded, understaffed and riddled with the MRSA super bug) National Health Service in the UK to take care of you for free in the unlikely event that anything bone snappingly dangerous should occur. ‘Tricking’ in all its varieties is a completely safe activity to persue and this website alone, guarantees your safety during your journey for however long that may be. This blog is completely responsible for anything that happens forever and you should quote me on that, at every given opportunity indefinitely.

*phew… I’ve been meaning to do that for ages.


One response to “disclaimer

  1. Joe

    Im Joe, a beginning free runner who is looking to be sponsored. Im 13, almost 14 in Jacksonville Beach wondering if i have a possibility of getting sponsored here. If this is a company with sponsorships, and if i am eligible to be sponsored here, please send me an E-Mail at joebattisti10@yahoo.com Please contact me at your soonest convenience. Thank you.

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