the flipping circus

‘So are you part of the circus?’ Asks capoeira girl.

I laughed, but politely informed her that I wasn’t, nore was I part of any group. She seemed surprised, and it wasn’t until later that it got me thinking. I guess everyone has to be part of something? And to her, I clearly wasn’t Gymnastic, definitely wasn’t Martial Arts… And at that point I think she started running out of ideas and thought ‘acrobatic’ – which probably equated to ‘Circus’.

Maybe it was the moves I was trying? Y’know, scrappy, uncoordinated, directionless etc. Maybe she was just a bit clueless to the scene and all the little compartments that people generally sit within. I like to think that I was hard to pigeon hole. I like being a square peg in a round hole.

Last night brought upon sneakily wallflips of the 2 step variety (which were nice), more switch btwists – which are actually the right way instead of my regular wrong way, chucking attempts at backfull twists the wrong (switch) way, loads of aerials – because they feel great and I need to get them higher, websters – I’ve decided these are something else, I look at the ground for too long like a handspring without the hands, japfronts – so I don’t forget how to do them, standing backs – even grabbed the back of the legs on one – I’m still not 100% comfortable on those though and a few gainers and btwists of the big horse because they feel ace. All good. All without painkillers, which I’m rather happy about.

‘Besides my agent can’t get the insurance sorted’ I said and tumbled off parping my big red nose and flapping my huge clown shoes.


Note to self: get out my camera and take some photos



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2 responses to “the flipping circus

  1. Eric

    “Maybe it was the moves I was trying? Y’know, scrappy, uncoordinated, directionless etc.”
    As a circus artist myself I would only hope that precisely this description did NOT lead her to think “circus”. The often dangerous skills presented night after night in front of an audience have to be spot on, ie with much coordination and direction.
    On a less defensive note, I frequent a gym as well and also try to determine which “group” each member falls into based on their style- trickers, free runners, wushu, circus, cheerleader, gymnast, figure skater, etc. Then take something away from each of them to bring to the ring.

  2. yeah i see that it reads that way, but I wasn’t impling at all that circus was scrappy… just my flipping ;)

    I do the same thing btw, take from all areas and mix into my collection, even the training techniques and steps to learn things that group uses can be vastly different.

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