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8 responses to “Contact

  1. I would really appreciate it if you were to post a link to my latest video if possible? The link is

    Thankyou so much

  2. My name is. Lawrence and I am from the Dominican Republic. I love skateboarding.

  3. hi me and my m8 are looking for a sponsership for do parkour.Do you do sponsering or do you know a website that i can go to so that me and my m8. :)

  4. hey i want to get sponsored in parkour im a 12years old and i have been doing parkour for 3 years and i come from england in warrington stockton heath

  5. jona hunab ku

    hello every body i live in dietikon and i want to practice acrobat ware you practice ware is de place i very ready for parkur i love parkur tanke .
    sory is dis

  6. Alisha

    I’m really unsure as to how I sprained my ankle but I injured it a little over two weeks ago. I’ve been in a lot of pain. I’m a waitress so I am constantly on my feet. I have been wrapping it and still moving about but with lots of agony. I have a couple questions for you. This is a reoccuring ailment that comes and goes every few weeks. Could this be more serious than just a sprained ankle? Is there something I can do to permanently get rid of this situation? Please help. I am a hard working individual that just can’t afford the doctor’s but really tired of the pain. Have a three year old I’d like to chase around again.

  7. matt smith

    hello my name is matt smith I am a 13 year old free runner from England in Devon.
    I have been doing free running and parkour for 2 years now i have preformed in shows
    and I have a youtube channel with over 4 thousand views. So would it be possible for you to sponsor me.
    yours sincerely Matthew David Smith.

  8. ashley tedd

    where is your camp.

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