Gymnastics Vs Martial Arts?

Tricking: Gymnastics Vs Martial Arts?

Looking around the net this morning there’s loads of Martial Arts based tricking, but no-where near as much gymnast based tricking. However when you do find gymnast stuff, one thing jumps out at you. Martial Artists can kick! And gymnasts can flip! I think both groups of trickers should identify why each excels in certain areas and take tips from each to improve. I was blown away by Champion British Gymnast Damien Walters.



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15 responses to “Gymnastics Vs Martial Arts?

  1. in a perfect world I think that would happen and I’m sure it does, but to each his own. Depending on their background they believe that either the flips or kicks are what tricking is about. Like Dogen’s people generally believe, as I’ve seen in the videos and the forums, that tricking is mostly about the flipping. Whereas at tricks tutorials the people believe that kicking is more what tricking is about. But then every now and then we see people like Anis Chaufera (idk how to spell his name) who is just good at everything and amazes just about every style and amazes everyone.

  2. Johnny Angel

    I think it has more to do with the conditioning going into each disciplen. With martial arts your drilling your kicks, and not so much with the flips. With gymnastics your not drilling kicks as much as cartwheel, summersaults, flips, ect…

    I know I have a few nice kicks, and every now and again I fly, but I absolutely get blown away by the gymnastics side of tricking. But that’s one of the things I love about tricking you grow into your own style you can take what works for you and really shine with it.

    P.S. Please throw a b-kick I think that you could pull it off really well, and they are a shinny kick to have.


  3. The only reason I’m in the gymnast camp for tricking, is because I can’t deal with the fighting aspect of martial arts. I love its strength, power, accuracy and of course the ability to beat the hell outta someone who starts fronting you. :D … however, I’m an old git, and flips appeal massively to me, and my local gym has plenty of fun foam pits and quality coaches to ‘teach’ me exactly what impresses me the most. If I could rewind time, I’d sign up to ten years of quality Taekondo or similar (and the occasional gymnastics) ;)

    ps: I’m pretty sure I’ve chucked a b-kick now.. (I don’t pay much attention to trick names btw) … and it felt pretty straight forward. I’ll get one on film soon enough. I chucked one, cause I was told to .. I wanted to try the b-twist (is it?) .. but told I had to start out with the kick. Boo! .. damn those rules of progression :(

    j/k :)

  4. Just Saying

    I’ve been in martial arts for 17 years and have done gymnastics for 5 years too. My observation is that Gymnasts focus more on correct form whereas martial artists just want the job done and to have fun doing it which brings more character and an individuality to the performance. Bear in mind too that many gymnasts use sprung floors to achieve their flips etc which is why it appears they get so much air, but believe me when I say I have seen a 10 year old get as much air as Damian Walters in the video above, and the kid was on a solid wood floor!

  5. Martial

    It’s gymnastics exactly!

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  7. Eiyana M.

    I like Both! I think if you take both they will complement each other. WIth Gymnastics gome flexibility and grace. You can use those to become better at Martial Arts.

  8. Eiyana M.

    Welll I cant decide….. TELL MEEEE!!!!!!!

  9. annnonn

    Damien Walters is a fing noob, I’m tired of people bringing him up. Look at all his vids CLOSELY, anyone with a good eye can see most of what he does is just nice camera angles.

  10. Angel

    i really want to take one of them but i can’t take both and i needed to know if gymnastics or martial art’s was better but this ain’t help at ALL!!!!!!!!!!! I think i’ll settle on gymnastiics wait martial arts no gymnastics UGH! i wish i could decide

  11. Kamara DeBarge

    Hey ! I was wondering, I’m 14 years old & currently a freshman at highschool and I’m starting both martial arts & gymnastics this year. Do you think its too late for me to learn or no? Thank you :)

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