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email: mark at flipcatch dot com
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/flipcatch

What is this blog about?
Basically I love creative human movement of any kind: if it flips, I’m into it. Simple. I also follow a lot of new trends to do with young people, free sports, health & active lifestyle. I believe that sport should be fun, everyone should do something and there is something for everyone if only people bother to search for something that suits them. I share great videos I find & I actively search for new uploads everyday. I am more likely to favour videos by unknown or new and emerging talented individuals. I also love good quality edits, something that has been creatively put together and filmed.

I welcome you to send me your videos, but don’t get bugged if I don’t share them here. If you have skills that I enjoy watching I will subscribe to your channel and keep an eye on your edits.

Every 6months or so I update my who am I section, as my motivations and life situations change.

6 Oct 2010
Well, it’s been a while. But I’m back. The site is hanging in there and so am I. Check out the stats, they have dipped off, but then again so has the popularity of many free sports like parkour and free running. So, I still think the blog stats are a reflection of the state of the sports.

Me? Well I’ve been chilling on this blog for 2009 and getting focussed back on it for 2010 – albeit the back half of the decade. I’ve been skating a lot all summer due to the good weather and have only been to the gym a few times.

Recently I’ve been considering what to do with this site. Check the numbers: average 5000 visits a month, broke 200k visits total… and I’m really going to work hard on it to reach 250k by the close of this year. I’m stepping up the messages (comments) to all video’s found on YouTube and am tweeting out all the blog posts here on twitter. (follow me: @flipcatch).

Next up, I think I need to refocus the point of this place. I’m going to ramp it up a fair bit (content-wise) and see where it takes me.

06 May 2008
Hits are climbing up about 1000 each month, and last month was my best ever at over 7,000. I did read this article online btw, about how bloggers don’t tend to share stats with people, because they fear others finding out how little traffic they actually get. As you know, I’m certainly not shy about sharing stats, probably due to the fact that I still can’t believe the number of people that visit! Even if it mostly is all by accident or one-hit-wonders. I’m actually pretty stoked that people don’t comment much as well. I prefer talking to myself mostly anyway and it means I don’t have to spend my time sifting through comments everyday.

15th Nov 2007
The stats shot below, shows how popular this place has become recently. I also like to think this is a statistical respresentation of the overall increased trend of flipping generally in 2007. Particularly as the gym I visit, is at its busiest ever atm.


15th June 2007
I’m a digital visual creative professional. A fancy title that means I do all things creative within the digital media industry. Half my life I’m setting up and building an animation studio (contact me if you have skills, seriously) and half my life, travelling the UK and overseas training youth professionals and various others, on internet technologies.

re: FlipCatch, I’d say I’m a solo flipper. I don’t have/or want a ‘crew’ to chill with, I just turn up and talk to anyone that makes eye contact and can string a sentence together. I have no ego. I do no martial arts. I wish I did (Taekwondo) years ago, but not now… I don’t want to learn to fight, so have yet to discover any formal tuition that appeals to me.

4th Oct 2006
A 33yr old skateboarder, who decided to drag his mates kicking and screaming to a Gymnastics club.

Well it all started like this.

My mate bought a trampoline, we jumped on it, and liked it. I searched youtube for tramping footage and found ‘tricking’. My bro got a trampoline and I bounced on that. I went on youtube and watched more tricking vids. I found a decent gym in bristol, not far from where I usually skate, and invited a few mates along to have a go with me. Result after night 1? Hooked, all of us. Jason, Robbie and myself. All having a go, all struggling, all sweating our arses off and falling on our heads at times.

This little site is to document everything l’m doing at ‘jump club’ every week I go. I hope someone checks it out and gets inspired to try the same. If an old git like me can do it, then you certainly can.

Why flipcatch? I’m a skateboarder, so flipping and catching is what I do.



5 responses to “Who am I?

  1. Dom Washington

    I was wondering if you could tell me how and what type of camera is best to catch motion.

    • Whoa! big question there. Still camera or video? For stills you’ll need something with lots of manual / sports controls so you can have a fast shutter speed. And for Video you’ll need something of good quality (HD) and a decent Frames per second (fps). tbh – there is a whole lot more to capturing any action shots than I can place in this little post reply, I recommend, learning all the camera settings and asking some experts either on some photo sites (http://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/) or at your local camera store.

      hope this helps – mark

  2. Quinten Mangelschots

    Hellow there !
    I was checking out the blog and I came to the conclusion it’s a pretty nice thing you’ve got going here ! So, once again, thanks for sharing my sampler ! And yes, there will be more in the future ! :)

    Btw, I didn’t upload this first sampler to Youtube yet, cause if I do the sound gets muted, which is pretty stupid, cause that’s the strenght of the vid.. Do you have any idea how I could fix these copyrightstuff? Or work my way around it?

  3. Hey thanks for the good words about my blog – I really appreciate it. Yeah, you put together a great edit with that music, and with your skills, you’re like another Damien Walters in the making!

    Regarding the copyright music, sadly I have no-idea how to get around it. If that video was mine, I’d be gutted. However this is what I would do:
    Add the video to YouTube with either no sound or a reasonable substitute track, turn off the comments, tell everyone in the description that the music you chose and edited the vid with has been blocked and if anyone wants to see it in full, follow your link through to your vimeo channel.


    Create a short teaser with new track specially for Youtube, then do the same as above and steer people to the vimeo ‘full’ version.

    That’s the best I can come up with. Hope this helps mate. Good luck with it.

    Mark :)

    • Quinten Mangelschots

      I’m now trying to upload it again, we’ll see what happens. If it doesn’t work I’m gonna switch to your idea, I like it.. Thanks for the helpful information!

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