sofa tricking

I love a good session. Worked a fair bit on the aerials, front fulls on the tramp and some double fronts into the pit. what else? r/o sides are nice and consistent and I’m getting some good height on my r/o backs when I throw them right. Straight side sumis on the flat feel good too. J-step gainers are coming too (is that what they’re called? I dunno) … so on the whole things are coming along well.

anyway… that was monday.

Today is tuesday, and I’m sat at home with a cracked ankle. I say ‘cracked’ rather than tweaked or spained, but that was the sound it made when I landed on it. Grr, that means I’m out for a bit! ahh well, I have some other things planned, so this place will continue regardless.

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Filed under Flips, Gymnastics, injuries, Tricking

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