Ooo hello.

I’ve not been here in a while. And neither have you. Hooray. This means I can delete the entire site and no-one will care!

I’m really enjoying having no active community here, this entire site is now a case study for me and my work. Smashing. However I’m struggling with the concept of letting it die.

I think I will fill it with adverts and try and scrape £20 a month out of Google Analytics.

I’d also consider handing the site over to someone else, maybe as a co-author, co-owner etc. Anyways. I’ve more work to do. Mark


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2 responses to “Ooo hello.

  1. Hi,

    You’re right… I subscribed because I was interested at the time in the content… but I haven’t come back to it much.

    My two cents? I posted a video once just for fun and it has consistently grown and surpassed any of the ones that I had more serious intentions on seeking an audience for without me doing anything other than having posted it. Don’t ever remove anything from the internet… it’s like a farm out there. Sometimes it can be about planting seeds and then walking away.

    Good luck deciding what to do with it.

    ~ Cory

  2. This place is definitely staying… however it will be changing. I just need to figure out the direction. I still love all human flips… but this place will take a more creative angle with it’s writing and content. Stay tuned :)


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