What to expect from the FlipCatch blog…

Now it’s more prominent in the navigation, I have noticed more people hitting my Who Am I page… for this reason I’ve just updated it to state what this blog is about, just so people are clear about why this place exists and what to expect from it in future.


What is this blog about?
Basically I love creative human movement of any kind: if it flips, I’m into it. Simple. I also follow a lot of new trends to do with young people, free sports, health & active lifestyle. I believe that sport should be fun, everyone should do something and there is something for everyone if only people bother to search for something that suits them. I share great videos I find & I actively search for new uploads everyday. I am more likely to favour videos by unknown or new and emerging talented individuals. I also love good quality edits, something that has been creatively put together and filmed.

I welcome you to send me your videos, but don’t get bugged if I don’t share them here. If you have skills that I enjoy watching I will subscribe to your channel and keep an eye on your edits.

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