Andy Lewis: Slackline flips and tricks

I remember featuring a slack video years ago and since then I haven’t seen much of it apart from a mate that does it and sells them through his facebook Maverick Slacklines page. Well today he shared a video by WorldSportTV and damn! the tricks have exploded. Backflips, full back twists and even double backflips! Check it out, this is pretty impressive – wouldn’t mind trying it myself someday:



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2 responses to “Andy Lewis: Slackline flips and tricks

  1. I really dislike how Andy Lewis purports himself to be this pioneer. In 2006 he landed the first backflip and started a movement? Funambulists have been doing flips on wires tight and slack for CENTURIES.

    But I do have one of those slacklines, it’s a fun summer day activity.

  2. Maybe it’s a communication error on his part – I’m guessing he wouldn’t deny ‘anyone’ has done a backflip on a wire before… but maybe in this modern version of this ‘sport’, he was the first to document it and share it publicly? thats all.

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