FlipCatch blog, now available with adverts!

Yes, I hate the idea, but what an idiot I would be if I didn’t capitalise on the traffic.

The good news is, firstly you can avoid the adverts altogether by following my RSS feed, or following @flipcatch on Twitter. Secondly, I’m only taking ads from businesses and organisations that target the people that visit this place.

The pricing structure is flexible based on the quality and precison of that ad placement. Eg: A new tricking DVD will take precedence over some random health drink promo… and some stylish creative advert design for a photography service will take precedence over a god-awful advert.

Until someone purchases, I might play around with the size, location, look and format, because I’m sure to get bored looking at that empty square myself. But for now, get used to it :)

Have an opinion on the ad? What would you do with 5000 views a month? Or know someone who would be interested in filling that space? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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