Returning to form.

At last a new video. Big, big delays, but now things will be easier. 2 reasons. Firstly I have a new laptop, which is much better for editing (just need to get me some decent software), and secondly, the gym appears to be a lot more relaxed about me using cameras in the gym. Hoo-raa for that.

So, what’s been going on. Well I’ve been monitoring this place from a distance. Watching the comments roll in, the stats dip and level off, and still post the occasional video when I come across them. Time has been a pain. My work feels like its taken over my life, and whilst I love my job, I need to harness my evenings and wkends again and learn to switch off.

At the gym, I’m getting back my bounce and starting to feel the punch and power once more. My left knee had been feeling a bit wobbly after a tweak about a year ago, and since then I stopped doing front sumi’s completely, opting for the foam pits every time.

After watching the edit come together, its been a while, and I’m now looking at myself a little differently. I’m all free runner, it appears. I’ve never wanted to be one, or had any inclination for flipping outside, however this is what I see. I know this is because I am sloppy in style, mimicking their moves and wearing the casual loose clothing (as I have done skating for years). I guess it’s only understandable that the comparisons are made. And I have to accept externally that a free runner is what I am to people, regardless to what I think and believe on the inside. Ho-hum.

Anyways, I do love editing video and I want to do more of it :)



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