Trickers wanted in Bristol

Just had a call with Andy from the BBC who want a couple of people to flip, kick and tumble about as ninjas for a TV thing they’re setting up… here’s the email below. Get in contact if you are interested and i’ll give you the details.

Hi Mark,

I’ve just seen your flipcatch site and thought I’d get in touch. We’re making a comedy online series of shorts for BBC3 and we’re looking to find someone ‘tricksy’ in a martial arts kind of way who could help us out.

We’re looking for 2 experts in martial arts and sparring that we could dress up as ninjas and film a sequence of action sequences (around Bristol) that we could mock up to look like some of the 70s/80s Kung Fu B movie classics.

Know of anyone who could help us out?

Best wishes


A few more details for you:

Expenses can be covered + a nominal fee.  Shooting starts on the 25th January, so get in contact quickly. Would be great if the individuals know each other and have a good report already. Examples of skills would be needed (video links etc).


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