4 months off

I want to mention that I recently returned to the gym after a 4months off. Off for the reason of? The sun came out. Enabling me to get some vitamin D, a t-shirt tan and work on my vert skating. All the while, I knew I was getting out of sync with the physical act of flipping. I knew it would only be a temporary thing. Sooner or later the weather would turn and I’d be back in the gym enjoying the trampoline week after week again.

Whilst being absent, visitors here will have noticed that I haven’t kept up with this place much at all. This has been a good thing. The excitement has disappeared with Tricking and free running etc, I’m certainly not tracking so many videos either. Though I had noticed something had changed with my Google RSS feeds, meaning that I haven’t been able to access anywhere up to around 500 videos a day as much as I have in the past. A blessing in diguise methinks?

‘Life’ and all its buckets of joy have over taken me too. Again, this is a good thing, change is great, but I’m settling back into a rhythm once more, and hope to be finally set in the closing months of this year.

During this time away I’ve reflected how much I’ve hurt my body more in the past few years flipping about, than 25 yrs of skateboarding. So much for skating being dangerous. All that gym foam and peer pressure is contageous, addictive and more dangerous.

My left shoulder slops around in its socket, I can only sleep at night with my left knee bent, and I swear my neck has never been good since I landed on it- several times.

So what next? What for this place? Well, as I say, I’ll be back at the gym again in the wetter months as soon as they arrive, but i’ll be focusing on interesting thoughts that strike me as and when they happen. I’m not going to chase people for footage, killer photos, or go out of my way to attend gatherings and newly discovered web content.

I might change the format here a bit tho, keep my eyes opening for different perspectives and invite some people to contribute if they wish. Who knows? I certainly don’t.

Oh and after 4 months break, everything aches again… and damn it feels good :)

Hello, welcome and goodbye again.

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