Another flipping year?

Aaaaaand you thought I’d gone for good. Nope, I’ve actually been hanging out in a Mexican prison for several months after a trip abroad resulted in a mix up in luggage with a Columbian cocaine dealer – anyways, its all sorted now, so no biggie.

I’ve just renewed this ‘custom css’ for the blog for another year. Which kinda means that I’ll be sticking about for a bit longer – though the format here will start to change. I’ve got bored of posting lots of videos up that other people have created. I want to write more stuff about observations in sport and peoples progression and trends etc. I’ll still post the occasional video etc, but I don’t want this place to primarily be about that.

I’m also not going to make an effort to write here regularly. If it happens, it happens, I’m not looking to chase a popularity contest any more.

Lets just see what happens – umkay?



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