Basingstoke Men’s Sponsorship Video

A worthy cause, young athletes looking to fund their trip to Russia 09. Money is needed, sponsorship doesn’t grow on tree’s. This video is the right way to go about pimping their needs – however to make full use of the Internet and YouTube worldwide audience, I was disappointed not to see an online method of donation. Therefore I sent them the message below, I hope they go for it. If they do, and they let me know, I’ll let you lot know: 


Hi there, 

I have just seen your Russia 09 video and followed the link back to the Basingstoke website about the donation need. I was hoping to see an online method of doing so, but there doesn’t appear to be one. Its great that you’re using a social network such as Youtube to promote your cause, but unfortunate that the vast number of appreciators from across the world that may view the video, cannot easily donate online. For this reason I’m insisting (‘asking’ is far too soft) that you set up a donation page for free on Just Giving. It is one of the biggest online donation sites, so you are completely safe in doing so. You can see a similar ‘donation’ page already set up by the BPA here:

I hope that you follow through and set this up, I think you will see your appeal profile rise and reflect in the donation numbers and amounts. 

If you would like any help in setting this up, please feel free to call me and I will assist.  I shall also be blogging about this cause on the website below. 

kind regards



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