Livewire – Gymnastics Showreel 08

It doesn’t feel like 5 mins ago I post up 99timshi handstand video, and he’s not long dropped another one online. This one has a Damien Walters gym feel to it, with all the experimentation and play on obstacles. No matter what discipline you’re into, this has got to be watched. Its already a classic and people are jumping all over it judging by the view count. Watch, then go say hi and thanks. It begins with ‘K’ and ends in ‘arma’. 


Filed under acrobat, free running, Gymnastics, parkour, stunts, training

2 responses to “Livewire – Gymnastics Showreel 08

  1. Joshua Doeland

    How do I open up one of these facility’s?

  2. Erm, mate that is such a big big question. You’re going to have to be more specific, if you want a serious answer.

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