Powerful video searches

Lately I’ve found that my search results have gone wonkey, so I therefore deleted all of them and reset them back up again. Here’s a little guide to grabbing all the great videos you want and filtering out the bad ones. Click the pictures below for full size images. 

1) Youtube is the biggest video site. However Youtube has poor search results (RSS). Google owns Youtube. http://video.google.com has great search results. 


2) click the ‘Advanced Video Search‘ next to the search button.


3) Tell Google what you want to search for. Include words which are related to that search term. Add in the words that confuse your results. Sort the videos by date order. When happy, hit the ‘Google Search’ button.


4) Scroll through the results and check that they are returning what you need. If you find any videos you don’t want, look at it, find a keyword that shouldn’t be searched for, return back to your Advanced Video Search – and add into your ‘without the words’ list. Hit search again and check the results.


5) In the top right on the results page, right click the RSS icon and ‘copy link address’, so you can then add it into your RSS reader


The benefit of using this technique is you won’t have to scroll through pages and pages on Youtube to find what you want. As soon as I added this RSS feed to my Google Reader I had 200 videos all about tricking, flips and gymnastics …. yummy :)


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