Trickzorz: new tricking community


Chris and his mate has got a new version of Trickzorz online and I must say its looking nice and funky. Its early days for the place atm, and there’s not a lot going until it fills up with cool people and some diverse conversations kick off about the things that people are posting. 

which brings me to the purpose of this post, go visit, go and see if its your thing and then let me know if you’re the sort of person that can help contribute, comment, add content and good conversation. If so, leave a comment here saying why you want an invite – link to stuff you’ve got online and / or videos etc. No begging please (save yourself the embarrassment) but I’ve only got a couple of invites, so forgive me if I don’t contact you back. 

I don’t think the plan is to fill the place with celebrities, the point is to fill it with contributors (and then maybe celebrities). So yeah… go visit



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11 responses to “Trickzorz: new tricking community

  1. Dimitris

    I am an ex-martial artist (mainly semi-conatct), 3 years now a kitesurfer.
    But for a year now I exercise some gymnastics. Just managed to do a roundoff+backflip. Your blog was insipirng for me and found some common point of view for some generic issues.
    That’s all. So I am just curious about this new site only because you made me curious. So, if you have less requests than your invitations, please send me one.
    Otherwise I don’t have any issues.
    Tricking…well just recently I decided to try this out in order to combine my new gymnastics knowledge with my previous life (kicking around). But nothing tangible yet.

  2. i dunno y.. but it is a bad gateway. error 502. any suggestions?

  3. temporary error whilst they are fixing things I’m guessing. Try again later.

  4. dale181

    I can’t help but think because it’s invite only the tutorials etc they write won’t be very noob friendly.

  5. the invites thing is just to keep the zillions of idiots out. I don’t think the quality of the content will vary that much from any other site tbh.

  6. Эдвина

    Мне кажется нужно заинтересовать собеседника, что ему может быть интересно, а потом руководствоваться выше изложенными правилами

  7. hahaha… yeah exactly! well said. seriously tho mate, if you had that much trouble with it, I’d have returned it and asked for my money back.

  8. Can someone invite me to join trickzorz pls =D

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