watching Obama win

Watching Obama win in the UK

A historic day – not just for America. I thought i’d document the 3am moment for me. 

I’m in a hotel in Milton Keynes, UK – working up here for a few days. Missing the gym. I’m back on Thursday and looking forward to flipping out again. I’ve also got a really busy month ahead writing a book, which ultimately means have got to chill in other areas of my life. This place is one of them – however I’ll still be checking out the latest videos and shoving them up on here when I find the gems. 




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3 responses to “watching Obama win

  1. Cool! looking forward to read ur book. Whats it about? or is it a surprise?

  2. thanks for the good words mate… its just a fictional story I’m writing. Unlikely to ever be published tbh, but meh you never know!

  3. haha i can be ur editor/ reader =D actually not quite the editor

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