a chucking success

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Hurrah a clip… just when I thought I’d given up trying to film, last night was captured in all its repetitive glory :) Whats next on the flipping todo list? Well, front sumi round off back tucks are coming, back tuck to punch fronts too.. um… I dunno. Just whatever I think of I guess. 

The gyms packed atm with Uni students all giving flipping a go, its great to see loads of people learning and trying new stuff, I get a good buzz off of helping people as well. It’ll be interesting to see how many stick at it. I don’t think anyone that began when I did are still there. Maybe that indicates my staying power to keep at it, no matter what the crowd flavour is. 

Anyways… here’s a little edit from last night mostly, apart from the red T stuff at the start. I’m stoked to get wallflips, as it has been bugging me for a while that I was scared to do them. Nice to get that one out of the way. I’m also pleased to be getting gainers off a high thing to standing up – and damn, imploders! I got them pretty easily. Just gotta work on them some more and perfect it. 

anyways… I’m done. watchit:

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One response to “a chucking success

  1. Craig

    Good stuff – need to get the cash flowing and get back over on a more regular basis, perhaps then i won’t do my back quite so much damage when i’m doing things i know i can do already and learn some new stuff instead!…inspiring me to get over though..

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