stuntman or acrobat?

whats going on? 

well the past few sessions at the gym have been great. The body is feeling great a few new faces appearing at the gym have boosted motivation to step it up a gear. I’m still drilling the same old stuff, but loving it and feeling like progress is good. I’ve even got my act together to do some basic training at home… just sit ups and push ups… I need it too.. the weather is getting dull again and the gym visits isn’t enough to get me through the winter. 

recently I’ve been throwing around thoughts about acrobats and stuntmen. 

I’m thinking that people fall into one or other category but rarely both – its a bit chalk and cheese. Acrobats are ex-gymnasts and stuntmen are ex-uhh.. not sure what – maybe ‘everyone else’? 

Perhaps the difference between acrobats and stuntmen are like traceurs and free runners? Both do the same sort of stuff, but one (is prepared to set themselves on fire Mark?) is from a disciplined background and the other isn’t? – yes, yes I know stuntmen largely are from discipline backgrounds too, but lets face it… how many kids have grown up saying ‘I want to be a stuntman’? – probably a hellava lot more than those that want to be an acrobat (guess). 

So yeah.. Henry claims to be an Acrobat – based on the fact that he’s been paid to do acrobatics – leaving me open to be a stuntman, based on the fact that I’ve spent 20yrs falling over. H threw double fronts off the trampet, and I threw front full twists – then we both ran up the walls flipping for a bit – and decided that palm spins were bloody easy (well you don’t know unless you try).  

I’m off up the gym tonight won’t be able to get any footage because the place is full of kids as usual… but you never know – maybe they’ll forget to turn up or something. 

done – I’m off to check 200 tricking videos out now.. fingers crossed I’ll find something in a bit. 

cherio – mark


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