tricking gymnastics: Its Official.

Well I held off posting this for a bit because I thought it was a nasty hoax or something, but no… British Gymnastics has officially embraced Parkour, Free running and Martial Arts as a coaching Module. 

What does this mean? 

It means now gyms can send their coaches on official courses, get covered for insurance and advertise ‘Tricking’ (in all its variations) to the masses and make some money off of it. 

So if you’ve got a gym near you that have been shouting you down about running up walls, because it isn’t ‘gymnastics’, you can show them the official website and tell them to get with the program. 

here’s the info for those that can’t be done with all that clicking nonsense:


Introduction to Freestyle Gymnastics  

Exciting NEW Coaching Course – Introduction to Freestyle Gymnastics!

British Gymnastics has announced the new Add-On Module: An Introduction to Freestyle Gymnastics.

This course is available to any coach with a Level 3 Club Coach or above qualification. Freestyle Gymnastics is a term adopted by British Gymnastics to describe a new and rapidly developing activity that incorporates aspects of other popular activities such as Parkour, Free Running, Urban Gymnastics and Martial Arts.

The Add-On module has been created to facilitate the safe development of the activity within the confines of a recognized gymnastics environment. Coaches attending the Add-On will be able to offer Freestyle Gymnastics in their clubs as long as they abide by the facility requirements and safety guidelines outlined on the course.

This initial pilot course will have a maximum capacity of 20 candidates with registration on a first come first served basis. When the course is full, a reserve list will be made to fill further courses in the future.

Course Details
Date – November 22nd 2008
Venue – Basingstoke Gymnastics Club
Duration – 6 hours
Tutors – Anthony Rose and Steve Hough
Assessment – in-course assessment
Cost – £50 payable to British Gymnastics
Closing Date – October 22nd 2008
Register by downloading the enrolment by clicking here, or by phone on 0845 1297129 ext 2392.
Further details of the programme and the venue, times etc. will be sent out after you have registered for the course.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 23 September 2008 )



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2 responses to “tricking gymnastics: Its Official.

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  2. dale181

    Sweeeet, time to convince my Gym to let my use their crash mates and so on. :D

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