Chris Patton SAP Reel

There’s a term in the skateboarding world called an ‘Ender’. An ‘Ender’ is a grand finalé to a video part, the icing on the cake and the one that blows you away – leaves you laughing, crying and wanting more. In short, its the bit of the video that all adds up to make you say ‘wow, that was amazing’. The Ender. Every decent video needs one. 

Then there’s the Ender-Ender (I’m not making this up)… You’ll need an ‘Ender-Ender’ when your video is so good, throughout, that a simple ‘Ender’ isn’t enough to be memorable – you need to pull something incredible out of the bag to ‘top’ all the other Enders in the video. 

Chris Patton appears to have created an entire video out of Enders and Ender-Enders…. and for that…. its gotta be worth a click surely? After watching this video, 1 or all of 3 things will happen:

  1. You’ll want to rewatch it; 
  2. you’ll want to send it to someone you know; 
  3. you’ll suddenly realise that your life isn’t quite so exciting as you thought it was. 
Punch the button: 

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