choose your guidance wisely.

who do you ask when things aren’t right? How high do you aim? what’s the limits of your thinking?

I continually think about trying something different. Whatever I’m doing, I try and switch about whats considered normal, and look for a different avenue of expression. I know this doesn’t always show, in my actions but, that’s because people don’t know how to spot it.

when I’m at the gym, I frequently wander off on my own and try and find space to do my own thing. This is antisocial behaviour I know and I’m doing it on purpose. It is an attempt to break away in to my own mental space… it materialises as physical space, but I can assure you its all in my head.


because I don’t want to be influenced all the time, I have my own thoughts, and if i’m left alone for a while, I can produce some good things. Its a pattern i’ve noticed in the way I learn.

In my own mental space I can think about what I’ve seen and watched on video’s or what i’ve watched someone else try at the gym. How many times have you come away from a session and complete forgotten your mission for the night? We get distracted by people around us and sucked into the goals of someone else’s efforts. This is fine, I’m not doing it down – its how most people operate. But for me personally, I’m interested ‘not’ in what the masses do, I’m searching for individualism and creativity. I want to see fresh things and inspired movements – guess that’s why the rigidity of formal gymnastics never appealed to me much.

I’m more inspired by the free running element that are at the beginning of their journey and literally ‘free’ to make their own rules. 

But when things aren’t right… target your questions accurately. Its tempting to ask your mates, but your mates probably struggle with the same issues you’re having, and even if they’re not, it doesn’t mean that they have the communication skills to explain to you how to overcome your barriers.

Be aware that to progress beyond your friends you need to aim higher than them. Look towards the best in your social circle and if there isn’t anyone better and you still want to push yourself – you’ll have to face up to leaving them behind and moving on to seek bigger challenges. Its not disloyalty, its progression, and your friends will understand. 

On the creativity element, I wonder what the limits of thinking can be towards new movements. I enjoy watching cionns footage – he’s at the top end of his training and got to a point where he can think about innovation – and he does. People like that push the sport, people like that set new standards, stand out from the crowd and gain the recognition that others want. 

my brain hurts.

I’m in Wales working atm, so no gym tonight. gah. Looking forward to tomorrow when a chiropractor can click my neck back in line and then I’ll be good go…. weeeeeeeee!


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One response to “choose your guidance wisely.

  1. Pete

    Wise words.
    I can’t relate to an sport or activity that is driven by creativity (such as skateboarding or tricking), but only that of established sports (whose governing bodies purposefully stifle originality in my opinion), but:
    I think it’s extremely important I have my own thinking time when training. I am no longer at the stage that if my coach (be it myself) decides something needs improving or changing, that I can just make the necessary fix immediately. I need to stand on a trampoline and visualise the move. Ideally alone, where and when I can focus on the move and nothing else.

    I’m sure you, and most agree that to be the best, you need to be bottom of the top, rather than top of the bottom. I live by that rule and constantly aim to train with the best.

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