world freerun championships

I guess the 3rd Sept is set for a recurring date in future… I’ll note it for next time. 

For those that live down the road, its something everyone should be attending right now… actually I mean right now! you’ve got about an hour until the show starts. However for everyone else, you’ll have to hope that plenty of news and footage is released on the youtubes and the site. Pip Anderson and Tim Shieff representing the UK – Barclay Card are sponsoring it, with a bunch of other big names, so you know its going to be a good one. 

now I’m not normally one for semantics, but ‘freerun’… should that be one word or two? ‘freerun’ sounds like a brandname already, like ‘frisbee’ and ‘hoover’… be careful people… you’ll be caught in the machine before you know it! Personally… I always refer to it as ‘free running’, maybe I should stop that? Answers on a postcard.


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