Bristol Parkour: Project 360


Bored in Bristol this weekend? Head down to the Lloyds Amphitheatre on the 30-31st August, for a Parkour Demo and Workshop – whereby you can be guaranteed you’ll find a ton of kids flipping about. Also BMX, Skate demos b-boy and acrobatics going on too.

Will probably pop down there myself and lap it up and see whats going down – armed to the teeth with cameras as usual. Infact its probably a great opportunity for everyone to get out the cameras and document what they see. I’m looking forwards to it already. Say hello if you see me :)



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3 responses to “Bristol Parkour: Project 360

  1. Kelly Bendall

    I want to get into free running/parkour and wondering if there are any classes or training days you do in the Bristol area for adults?

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