Film: Bangkok Adrenaline

crazy kicking and tricking fight scenes in Bangkok Adrenaline:



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4 responses to “Film: Bangkok Adrenaline

  1. compared to ong bak this sux..

  2. never heard of it… but now I have, I agree: ong bak rocks.

  3. Tim

    Bangkok adrenalin looks awesome. Ong Bak is the dog’s dangly bits and even Tony Jaa failed to reach the same standards in his follow-up movie, so just because it doesn’t reach those standards doesn’t mean it’s crap. Personally I can’t wait see it having seen a couple of trailers on you tube months and months ago. The last I heard they were shooting new additional action scenes after investors being so happy what they saw. Anyway I think it’s great to see a Brit Performing at such a high standard and hopefully Dan O’Neill can carve out a decent career in martial-arts movies… Going off on a tangent I also hope that the French martial artist from District 13 Cyril something or other gets the chance to star in more movies, he’s awesome – you should check out his stunt promo on you tube!

  4. No Limits

    I wached it in thailand and its different to Ong Bak. In Bangkok Adrenaline is no Muay Thai, they are doing extreme martial arts. But i really have to say it looks great.

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