Murdering sport with thought

In a couple of weeks time I’m attending the IAPS conference in Tokyo, whereby lots of discussion on sport will be taking place. Today I looked at the schedule of speaking topics… and there’s a few I’m interested in.

  • Parkour as sport
  • Creativity in sporting activity
  • How coaches do things with words
  • Sports and morality or fitness as social status
  • Why our athletes should not be our role models

Now if you take into account that these topics are being discussed by academics for academics, I’m ‘expecting’ to just about hold my brain together for the first Parkour one, and nod off a few times at the second ‘creativity’ one, start sucking someone else’s brain out through their ears with a straw on the third ‘coaches’ one, be put on a life support machine for the forth ‘social status’ one and finally be pronouced dead on the fifth ‘role models’ one.

You can only slam my tiny brain multiple times against a doorframe for so long before I pass out, y’see.  

However I have (literally) just been reassured that I ‘should’ be able to understand what they’ll all be talking about … and in unsurprising fashion I will be blogging my arse off ‘Live from Tokyo!’ – and hopefully taking photos and generally acting like a dumb tourist :)

Anyways here’s the full list of subjects for those that are interested:

  • The body study of athletes in Taiwan
  • Parkour as (extreme) sport and its ethical and ontological possibilities
  • A defense of victory as a legitimate goal of athletic competition
  • Playing to win: A defense of victory as a legitimate goal of athletic competition
  • In defence of Maradona’s hand of God
  • An analysis of deception in sport
  • The art of sporting life: A Taiwanese perspective
  • Sporty achievement as a specific Oeuvre: To the special meaning of sporty actions
  • A definition of “nature sport”
  • On creativity in sporting activity
  • Exploratory study of philosophy of coach in Chinese culture
  • How coaches do things with words
  • Patsy Takemoto Mink and her contribution to the enactment of Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972
  • No harm, no foul?: Justifying bans on safe performance enhancing drugs
  • The dilemma of gender study in sports in Taiwan: Liberate the gender restriction
  • Sports and morality or fitness as social status
  • Fantastic sports: Philosophy, sports and literature
  • Playing well and playing fair: Same difference?
  • Bodily performance improvement: Body control or self mastery?
  • Time consciousness onto movement and sport activities: Focus on bodily time theory
  • An analysis from the hermeneutic theory of Schleiermacher and Gadamer
  • Toward an understanding of “The Grasshopper”: Through two perspectives
  • Why our athletes should not be our role models
  • A study on the establishment: Bid plans and predictable problematic of Youth Olympic Games
  • Understanding the conflation between play and games
  • What is wrong with playing high?
  • The paradox of serious play: An interpretivist view of competitive sport for children and adolescents
  • The art of cycling: A Polanyian view from the saddle
  • The primary interpretation of “Aiki” in aikido and the ideological nature
  • Rugby for Rwanda: Sport as aid
  • Forgotten paradigm: Spirituality of the game and the play
  • What we know in our bones: On the development of a lived athletic philosophy
  • The “regard” in movement practice with the other: On the “interaction of human body” from the phenomenological viewpoint
  • Innovations in aesthetics and the culture of sport
  • “E-Games”, “T-Games”, and appreciating the (un)predictable natures of sporting contests
  • Simple and complex games
  • Conceptual vagueness and moral line-drawing in the ethics of sports medicine
  • Anti-doping regime and human rights
  • Doping as addiction: Some policy implications
  • An interpretive antirealist approach put into practice: Issues of international eligibility
  • Dilemmas and perspectives of contemporary Olympism
  • A study of sport ritual: The ritual of technique and the ritual of cultural representation
  • Bodily dialogue and intercorporeity in physical activities
  • Sports, virtues and vices: On the formation of dispositions and the situationist critique
  • Athletic virtues: Between East and West
  • In or out?: Officiating technology and the nature of professional tennis
  • Towards tolerance to drugs in sport?: An analysis of arguments used by first year students at Ghent University
  • Teaching critical thinking and sports ethics with case studies and thought experiments



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