dizzy brain stuff

Last night was a good one. Lots of people, many old faces that I haven’t seen for a while, and an empty gym too – empty in the sense that it wasn’t full of kids.

What happened? well, there was loads of btwists – showing Kim the technique, layout ‘exploders’ off the big horse in to the pit, plenty of aerials and front sumi walkover things (sorry I don’t know the name of them). Plus round off back tucks, as high and as delayed as I can make them… then on to the tramp with numerous backfull twists – trying to drill the technique into my brain. I ended up spinning tighter and much faster than I intended and started getting doubles :D … but then as soon as I started thinking ‘lets go for a double’ I started screwing up again… so I stopped that and went back to singles.

The only other flip worth noting was lots of double btwists from the tramp onto a hefty mat… I can do 4 in a row before my brain starts sloshing about in my head and I have to sit down for a bit. I’m getting round to my feet each time with them too, I’m looking forward to the time when I can land stood up and walk straight off the mat.

the camera was out last night, and I’ve caught most of what I’ve qwerted above, however I haven’t had chance to edit it down and shove it online yet. Should get that done tonight. I’m in a real motivated mood to start filming and putting anything and everything online again. Who cares if its repetitive? Who cares if I’m not prgressing as much as I want? I’m forgetting the point of this place… document the learning/process/journey and have it all to look back on when I’m done with it. Soo, footage arriving soon.



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