Disinteresting me(dia)

gym tonight… Woo!

Hands up who’s been watching the gymnastics on telly then? yip me. If you ever want to feel inadequate at your own ability, its fair to say that watching the worlds best, and even the worlds worst, helps in buckets. So far, I’ve gained a gold medal in inadequacy that I’ve put on the shelf with all the other inadequate trophies. My progress report reads as ‘fair, with uncertain prospects for improving’ … and I wouldn’t argue with that.

This is the first Olympics I actually paid much attention to – discounting the previous whereby it was part of my job to be ‘slightly’ interested – this one is all self generated. 4 years ago I was still trying to be a reasonably good skateboarder, and now in 2008 I’m content with being a reasonably average one.

But back on the telly, its all there. Reminding me that if I applied myself 100% 24/7 for the next 4 yrs that I too could be good enough to qualify to talk on the subject of gymnastics with the worlds best. I would be able to at least wear the t-shirt without a feeling of ‘n00b’ anywhere to be seen.

One can only hope.

I see the papers this morning we’re busy laying into Team GB divers Daley Thomson and Buzz Aldridge, for having a chuckle at each other and throwing casual comments of ‘bugger, we could have done better’ around etc. The same comments – probably alot milder – they train with every minute of any average day, however these sentences, at this time in the calendar, just happen to slice like bowie knives through the British printing presses, announcing to the public that Olympic Diving is just as controversial as 2 girls kissing in Brookside (it was like ‘Skins’ kids). Did anyone else groan, internally and externally at the headlines?

Anyways… bloody hell the Chinese are good aren’t they?

Soo… its inspiring to watch, although disheartening, but motivating to the point of me wanting to train a lot harder, eat an actual ‘5-a-day’ diet rather than a self convincing one – what? strawberry jam and tomato sauce doesn’t count as fruit and veg??

If you’re lucky, I’ll get some flipping footage of the night on camera – don’t hold your breath tho – I’m rubbish.



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2 responses to “Disinteresting me(dia)

  1. dimitris

    On the other side…if you stop telling your self through 9 wordpress posts out of 10 that you are rubbish…stand in front of a mirror and say to yourself that you are “The best! The terminator! the Bruce Lee! or even a sex machine! hou! ya!”, you may accomplish more tricks more easily…just my 2 cents…

  2. you’re 100% right… your 2 cents accepted :)

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