Parkour grows legs in London

Announced through CYPN today, London is kicking off a 4 day free Parkour course for 20 kids. Good stuff. However, lets look at those numbers again. London, 20 kids, free, 4days. London, 20 kids, parkour. Have you noticed yet? Parkour, 20 kids, free.

How many people do Parkour in London? 4, 5… maybe a few more? exactly… i’m guessing 100+ easy… then there will be several 100’s more that would love to be taught how to do it. Now ok, this isn’t entirely fair, I know its hopefully course 1 of many, but lets now think of the selection process. First come first served? randomly pulling names out of a hat? Or political selection? eg: ‘lets have a few young ones, a few early teens, and a few older teens, because then it’ll make the press photograph look a lot better’.

In short, the chances of getting a go on this course is slim to zero… but you should still register your interest for it. Oh hang on, we’re not told how to do that. Well I take it back then, and further add that probably all the places have gone already hence the reason why its not been pushed for people to register their interest. Unless they’ve conveniently syncronised this bulletin to  coincide with every date on the calendar except the 1 day when the pre-register url is ready! Way to go… let the disorganisation commence!

I still think its great, I still think it has legs, and I can’t wait to see the next annoucement to state that the scheme has been expanded due to overwhelming demand.

(btw – how often to you think the kids are going to be told ‘stop doing flips, flips aren’t Parkour’ during that 4 day course?) Answers on a postcard to the usual address, winner gets a brass monkey.

Here’s the full release, as most people won’t bother registering to read it otherwise.


Parkour gets first UK accredited course

By Alison Bennett
Children & Young People Now
7 August 2008

Westminster City Council is hosting the first accredited parkour course in the country, recognised by the UK’s leading qualifications body.

Parkour professionals will teach about 20 young people, aged between eight and 19, techniques and moves used in the discipline.

It is an expressive sport where the aim is to move your body as efficiently and effectively as possible to navigate the obstacles around you. The sport consists of finding new ways through the city landscape by scaling walls, jumping down steps and running across buildings.

Councillor Sarah Richardson, cabinet member for children’s services at Westminster City Council, said: “The parkour camp is a great way to get young people enthusiastic and motivated about sport.

“The Holiday Fun Programme provides a fantastic range of activities for young people in the city and this course is a great opportunity for teenagers, not only to learn new skills, but to take part in an accredited course.”

The course has been accredited by the Assessment & Qualification Alliance (AQA), the UK’s leading awarding body for general qualifications.

The free four-day course is part of the council’s Holiday Fun Programme 2008, which provides a range of activities for young people across the city including arts, play, sport and family days out.



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