life is going on.

5 months ago, I took on a new job… it sucked away my time and pushed up my cost of living. I couldn’t access the net much to do things I needed to do and even killed my webskills to some degree too. This blog suffered too. I’ve been posting too many videos, not updating about what I’m doing and generally life getting in the way of fun.

4 days ago I quit that job to start a new one that has a modern  mindset of working. I can work from home, I can work on the roam and I can go to the office. Its no longer going to by about where I am, but about what gets done.

I’ll have more time to update this and make the changes I want because I won’t be travelling so much. Hooray. So I guess this is a self directed apology to me for being slack on here and a promise to pull my finger out post more.

I’ve still been going to the gym, I’m still loving it and I’m still progressing – albeit slowly – but that’s more my preference than anything else.

So yeah, life’s all good again, I’ve got another week of working where I am and then I’ll have no excuses!



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