Finland: Banssoni – Summer 2008

I’d not long got up, watched this video of Banssoni tricking about in low quality mode and didn’t have my glasses on .. and whilst I initially thought ‘here’s another tricking video’ *yawn*… something looked a bit odd. The guys proportions looked ‘out’… so I kept watching until the end and still couldn’t quite figure it out. I even checked a couple of his other videos and then my browser crashed and I had to refind the clip etc. But eventually I found it and clicked into his profile page and oh my god, the ‘guy’ is 12! The stuff he’s doing is equal to a lot of 20+ trickers out there. So yeah, that grabbed my attention, and therefore I’m slapping it up here for people to check out. By his own admission the editing and music sucks, but actually, I kind of liked the music towards the end, at least it wasn’t linkin park or yellowcard!

So yeah – 12, damn! Check it out, hang in there whilst watching, and keep reminding yourself how young he is, and put it in perspective with what you can / could do at that age:


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