Its been down for a while, but hopefully you’ve been signed up already from waaaay back… but if not, and I believe many won’t have, then its time to sign up and register. Why?

Well because the idea behind Club540 is to document all the trickers worldwide into one glorious map. A great idea, and only flawed by the fact that many trickers will be kids and will change their mind about their passion 10 minutes after starting it. Hopefully the 540 guys are aware of this and can impliment a ‘search by frequency of login thing’ or something, because otherwise you might just find a lot of dead wood in your area.

Anyways.. signup regardless, the site is good and clean and clear… and well yeah, take a look.



Filed under acrobat, breakdancing, Flips, free running, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, parkour, trampoline, Tricking, website

2 responses to “

  1. Thanks for the support man :)

  2. thanks for creating a good idea. I love its purpose, and (personally) hope it doesn’t try to be ‘everything’ too soon.

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