Flipcatch blog – version 2

Thoughts are underway for a redesign/build of this blog. its time for a change and update. there’s features I want to impliment, and formatting issues I want addressed. eg:

  1. the site will most likely switch from dark to light.
  2. the font size will probably increase
  3. stuff about me might move to a different area of the site
  4. no adverts will appear (yay!)
  5. the flipcatch domain will get used.
  6. … and other things.

‘other things’ equals you lot who visit (yes both of you) … if you would like something to change for the next version: maybe less videos? maybe more bboy? maybe you want your own section? then maybe you should let me know… and i’ll think about it for a bit and probably reject it – either way, squeezing your brain out into a comment is a small price to pay for making me king of the world!

*end satire

I’m also accepting tips (financial?)… no physical ones. eg: don’t post multiple blogs a day, and then none on others, save them up – people only tend to visit once a day anyway, so there’s no point spilling my guts one day and then leaving it a few days before the next post appears. Any more? bring em on.




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2 responses to “Flipcatch blog – version 2

  1. Pete Cracknell

    I love the site, but only suggestion would be to seperate it into 2 main (rather distinct) areas:
    * You, your development, thoughts and ramblings
    * Video/link postings

    Basically splitting the site into 2; Opinion and Fact. From the sounds of it, people like hearing your story, but at the same time, quite seperately, people like seeing who you rate today/this week.

    My 2 pennies

  2. yeah I agree… I started the ‘marks progress’ category on the side to try and filter me out of this place, but I’m feeling further separation would be best. I do find so much stuff that is worth posting, but I don’t like mixing it with ‘me’. So yeah.. I can pretty much guarantee that it’ll happen.

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