Nexus Europe Showreel 2008

Judging by their latest showreel, the Nexus Europe crew are having a crazy good time, travelling and tricking their way into peoples face boxes. The Ideal Home Show, Motorola, Suzuki and even on my own doorstep at the Glastonbury festival. These guys must be the hardest working team out there atm. Check the clip out.

Click through to their site and watch a little more if you wanna – you know its all good:


Filed under acrobat, breakdancing, events, filming, Flips, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Tricking, youtube

4 responses to “Nexus Europe Showreel 2008

  1. Sasha


  2. Dave

    the previous quote, is this sasha from physical productions?

  3. no-idea… she didn’t write this comment from a physicalproductions email address, but she does sound extremely enthusiastic about them, so I’m guessing it is!

  4. Dave

    hmmm, strange sasha left nexus in June. He is running Its either different sasha or someone is playing…

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