Nathan Turleys 08 Stunt Sampler

Nathan Turleys video caught my eye. Its a good edit with some impressive flips… the only thing that bugged me was the continuity errors of his clothing changing.. but other than that…. well worth a watch. This guy can front flip anything! Watch, then go say hi… its what I would do.

Check out: Filming the Ultimate sampler



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5 responses to “Nathan Turleys 08 Stunt Sampler

  1. One thing I noticed, is that to me at least, his movements seemed a lot smother then those of many others to post videos which are technically on the same level or higher then his.

    I wanna know what he used to film and edit it.

  2. yeah he’s very good at what he does. Not sure about the editing equipment – I use Premiere, and a fair few people seem to use Vegas – drop him a message and ask?

  3. Hows premiere do with slow motion? And can it work with quick time videos? because i use Vegas, and its being a total pain in the ass right now, since I have a camera that records in quick time format and Vegas crashes if you so much as click on a quick time file.

  4. hey guys thanks for puttin me on here and for the constructive criticism. We used Final Cut Express to do the editing, it worked out well, but I know there are better programs out there! Sons are my fathers, I am the lone wolf.

  5. Cheers for popping by Nate – glad you approve :)

    Premiere is the Final Cut of the pc world, so yes it does everything – I don’t know much about vegas. I had a little go with it and it seems good… but to be honest I only use basic features of most editing software. Simple cuts, fades, blends and slomo – as long as the audio and export control is good most of the other stuff I don’t bother with too much. Then again – if I could edit video as a job.. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh heaven :D

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