Football Premier League Advert

without a doubt ‘the’ best advert I’ve seen since the last great advert I’d seen, that incorporates tricking in all its formats – the UEFA Champions League football trailer, will further fuel the interest in football, acrobatics, free running crossover… sure to inspire many kids to go ‘wow, I wanna do that’.  Featuring Ryan Doyle, Daniel Ilabaca, Courtney orange, Dean Alexandrou promo for Sky Sports – check it:



Filed under acrobat, filming, Flips, free running, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, parkour, Tricking, youtube

3 responses to “Football Premier League Advert

  1. Hey, that’s a hell of an advert! Awesome!

  2. Yep we are certainly representing
    props to the other guys and to you for checking out the video.
    Courtney Orange

  3. cool. love the windmill kick!

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