hundred pushups

you might be serious about training. Or the intention to train. You might have tried to train before and failed. You might need structure and guidance – a template to follow for a while to get into it. People train and fail all the time. I suck at it. I can’t train at home. I’m too busy trying to wear out my spine by sitting at a computer all day long. You might, like me, be interested in They want people to get fit, they know people want to get fit, they know people suck at sticking at getting fit unless someone helps them out.

No matter what your age, or ability, they have a plan that can take you from 0 to 100 in 6 wks… and after those weeks, you’ll probably be so stoked that you’ll want to keep it up – and maybe do more than 100.

If this is your thing, take a look, they don’t pay me.. I just found it and think its great for slack asses like me that need a kick in the balls to get going.

adios! mark



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2 responses to “hundred pushups

  1. dimitris

    for me is the simpliest way to earn money!
    you offer motivation and ask for donation!
    anyway for some reason (maybe because I cannot do the 100 since 5 years now) I got stucked with it and already started the program!
    thumbs up for simple stuff that can inspire you somehow.

  2. cheer matey…. glad you enjoyed the post. Hope you get to reach 100 pushups too :)

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