Secret Loopkicks footage

Unless you’re lucky enough to be in their area, most of us only get a chance to see these guys in action through YT footage. So when cameras are blocked from filming – that sucks. Sure I can understand it, because people want to play, not perform, practice new moves and have no pressure… whats the word for it? Oh yeah… have fun!

Well here’s a little sneaky footage caught by WeAreTeamVelocity and if this is Loopkicks ‘playing’ then damn… its incredible.



Filed under Martial Arts, Tricking, youtube

2 responses to “Secret Loopkicks footage

  1. Channy

    i thought i seen every loopkick footage but i aint seen this 1 thanks so much <3 anis chuerfa and the afro dude is that the guy out of high school musical looks like him for sure :D

  2. high school musical afro dude rocks!

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