Last night and Olympic Dreams TV

Gym last night. It was a quiet one, the sun was out and its holiday time of year, so I’m guessing people had better places to hang. Anyways, once my main focus of the night was working on backfull twists. Nailing, not-so-much the ‘right’ technique, but certainly a better technique which will hopefully mean I’ll spin faster, in control, and ultimately more than once.

Its hard for me to believe that I’ve had them dialled once on the tramp, and then lost them, and am now relearning them yet spinning in the opposite direction! Maybe I’ll end up being abidexterous with them?! Surely that’s worth more points?

Tonight I’ve gotta go home and press my face really hard into the monitor for a few hours until something creative comes out of my ears in the form of a website – but tomorrow… I’ll be back in the gym again :)

I watched a great programme on the BBC the last night about young Olympic hopefulls. Particularly gymnast Venus Romaeo, diver Tom Daley and Judo dude Ashley McKenzie – check out BBC iPlayer for a rewatch, those outside the UK – I can only hope it ends up on the BBC youtube channel – search for Olympic Dreams.

All of them love working hard, have dedicated parents and unforgiving coaches. Its that combination which has elevated them from average to exceptional to incredible.

Towards the end of the programme the focus was on Judo dude Ashley. He was introduced to the sport to channel his anger and energy (angergy!) from ADHD, however to train as an Olympian, he’d been taken off his medication to control his illness as it would have shown up as a banned substance. The programme showed Ashley struggling to control himself at a number of nearby objects. Kinda sucks that he had to do drop the medication… after the programme they posted up a message saying he’d recieved a months ban from the gym for his behaviour.

I’m rambling, I’ll shut up now – its a series anyways – and i’ll probably watch them all.  

Zymotic Mark



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5 responses to “Last night and Olympic Dreams TV

  1. Sarah

    Im sorry but you are doing nothing but sitting and writing up on things youve seen on tv… SAD! i must say…. Im sure you dont know the first thing about Ashley Mckenzie and any reason why he had a months ban… so i think your little write up should be kept as a personal opinion! You aint on tv because you are expected to go to the olympics 4 years before they have arrived! Nope i didnt think so…

  2. what are you going on about? Don’t rant and run away, tell me specifically what is ‘wrong’. Everything I’ve stated is from what the tv series told me.

  3. Sarah

    Whats wrong is your talking about Ashley like you know…. If i didnt know him i would of been doing nothing but saying nice things about him, to see that a boy with disabilities could possibly win a medal for Great Britain is wonderful.. Not only does Ashley have adhd he has a whole in his heart and had epilepsy. So i think its great..

  4. thanks for clearing that up.

  5. I love this boy is a champion from his heart!

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