picking out the progress

Thursdays gym has been and gone, and I’m making a point of posting regardless of the fact that I don’t feel like posting, because there doesn’t seem to be much point. I’ve nothing really to add, nothing was really achieved and in some ways its the lack of achievement which is worth posting about.

A bad thing is happening to my mentality – I’m becoming picky. I’m looking too much for quality and not for quantity. I should be documenting everything and showing all, rather than flipping and fliming and slomo’ing and saving.

quality sucks. I mean quality doesn’t suck, but it does in this instance. Whats the point in documenting progress, if the failing isn’t mixed in the with achievements? It just becomes an ego trip otherwise. I guess I want to be seen as progressing, and if it feels like I’m not, then understandably, I wouldn’t want to put out media that reflects that. But I’ve gotta get over it, no matter how I think it looks to the outside world and my internal conflicts.

This is going to sound like a negative post, but it isn’t, its probably the most enlightening thought I’ve had on my journey since day 1.

So, yeah… expect some new footage soon, and I warn you now, it’ll be shit… but it’ll be real and it’ll be honest and it’ll be where I am right now, and it may not be an improvement on the last video. But it will be here. It has to be. Some day I won’t be doing this, and when that day comes, I want to be able to look back at it all with a beer in my wheelchair and laugh at it all.

mark :)



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3 responses to “picking out the progress

  1. wayne

    hey man, its wayne again. fuckin charged though mate…..been out in town !!

    just quickly read over your post fella and i have to say man that the negative vibes are proper wack mate !!
    if you are struggling to find motivation mate then take heed of this……the reason that i have been going to the gym is because to me your an inspiration and living proof that what i am doing is worthwhile !!
    sorry if that sounds proper ponsy as fuck…….been out all night getting a fuckin wreck on ! !lol

  2. Si

    hey mark,

    i have to say, first sorry im gonna sound like wayne,

    i have only met you once and you are the coolest bloke i have ever met!!
    like wayne, i am totally aspiring to be as good at this shit as you are.
    i have had a few of your blogs read to me and i think you are still the saftest guy i have ever met!! hearing how you deal with conflict and Alpha males is totally inspiring…

    the negative vibes are shining through but i know how it feels to have constructive critisim help you along your way, most of all i know that baby sitting is probably not your thing but i am humble enough to admit that i feel the knowledge you hold and the attitude you have, is enough to help not only develop my hobbies and also my personal life!!

    been good hearing from ya,

    see you tuesday geezer!!! …… p.s. i am also on one like wayne at this moment in time so i hope you can understand what i’ve said!!


  3. cheers guys. You’re both pretty cool too I think, so keep flipping! btw – the beer won’t help the backflips ;)

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