Rich in Vitamin B

Gym tomorrow… woo! the mission is… to get out the camera. Note to self: remember to take the camera. My bounce has been good lately, though I’m still shunning the hard floor and chilling in the soft stuff. Loving the tumble track and playing upside down as much as possible. Progress is good, but no obvious milestones being overcome recently. Not that I care much tho, I’m happy just being able to flip out. Friends new have been attending, which is pretty cool, its great to see people progressing, and I love helping people learn stuff too. Infact, I clocked myself the other night and realised I wasn’t doing much flipping and was acting like a coach to about 4 different people. I gotta stop doing that (a bit)… cause it saps away the time and I don’t learn ‘owt myself. Anyways, I need to go get horizontal. I was awake at 3am this morning with a head on overdrive cause I wrote that massive post about confidence down there… Oh and I was starving and couldn’t eat because there was sod all in my cupboards to fill my gut… so I ended up watching a shite dvd until the sun got up and the rain fell down.

backfulls on the agenda – if I get chance.

out – mark


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