finger tricking

(finger tricking = flipping by qwerty.. geddit? no? right, I’ll shut up then)

Yeah, so I’ve been a bit quiet on the update front lately, mainly because not a lot has been happening. I’ve still been visiting the gym every week, I’m not hurt (not counting all the normal ‘hurts’ that I btw), tho I haven’t been filming much either.

I have been taking the steam off a little in my sense of urgency to do anything spectacular. I’m quite content atm to sit back and flip about with the stuff i’ve learnt. In the eyes of some – I’m doing bugger all. Whilst in my mind its more like – chilling with the skills I have.

I appear to be goalless goal-less goaless goal less without targets. Which has got me thinking about whether I need a goal to improve and if I make progress without goals anyway (you’ve just said the same thing twice Mark)

i’ve also been dragging a few work/mates down to the gym with me, which has been nice, however it does suck away my time to work on anything specific because I’m more preoccupied with what everyone else is doing. But its great to have some other people to flip about with – no-one else (that I’ve taken to the gym so far) appears to be as commited as I am… most stick it for a few go’s then drop out. I think that’s common tbh, so I’m not stressing over it.

Just going back to that thing about goals and targets for a sec – I’m aware that I’m not learning anything specific, but my over all control and ability is improving for everything. This isn’t something which can be observed on camera very well, maybe only noticable through confidence and power perhaps?

The usual list of things I’m working on are still happening: round off full twists, loads of aerials and websters, switch btwists and several other things that i don’t really know the names of.

I’m also enjoying doing stuff on my hands a lot – I can feel my upper body getting stronger so its feeling nice to be able to do all that stuff – ergh, words are qwerting out of my face very well today. I feel tired today, I need more sleep!

So yeah, alls good… of course you won’t be satisfied until i’ve shoved up a new edit, but that’s not going to happen for a little bit, as I can’t get round to it.

What else? umm… been browsing a bit – keeping an eye on the good stuff that’s been going on there. I’m also shifting through every tricking related video that google can find (and I mean ‘every’) Keeping an eye out for the gems as much as I can. If you know something I should be checking out – send me a message and I’ll take a look.

ok i’m done – promise not to leave it so long until the next update.



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