The secret to Youtube hits

From Ants:

Hi again it’s Ants

Sorry I hope I didn’t offend you with my comments re your web site. It is very good but as I said I found it too hard to read. So please do tell how do I get more hits for my videos on YouTube. Search for antsdick and see what I am doing wrong. Do I join channels or groups or post as video comments. Me not sure

Would love your feedback


My Reply:

hi there, I’m sorry I have not been able to go through your videos and give advice to how you can get more hits to them – but everything I know is in the article on my website:

If you are struggling to read it, I’m sorry about that too. I know the site isn’t the easiest to read and I will be making changes to improve the readability in my next design.

however I can tell you that the best way to improve hits, isn’t in any tricks or tags or reposting through multiple account etc. The way to more hits is to produce something, fantastic, incredible, exceptional, educational, unique and most importantly – sharable!

Creating a video that people ‘want’ to share is really difficult – but that’s the holy grail we’re all striving for. It appears on youtube the things people want to share most, are ‘good ideas’. Our hits, ratings and comments are an exact representation of the value of our ‘idea’ – often this is very hard for us to accept when we have poured our best efforts into something we feel is great – but the reward of conversation and ratings doesn’t reflect.

The harsh truth is the world (Youtube) is bigger than we think, our ideas aren’t as great as we thought and the people that actually achieve stardom through their videos are very very rarely indeed.

persist, persist and persist, learn from our mistakes, take feedback from our stats, listen to peoples comments, raise the quality or our production and push ourselves to be better next time.

A good tip is to spend 90% percent of our videos efforts on the idea – then have a look to see if anyone else has already done it and only then, if the feeling is good – switch the camera on!

all the best




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5 responses to “The secret to Youtube hits

  1. VL

    I created this video about my St. Bernard dog and Sphynx cat and thought it would be funny to see how they two of them interface. No overnight explosion of hits on youtube. turns out, its only as cool as people think it is? Let me know what you think and how I can improve it.

  2. I figured I should add my x cents to this. I think one way to get hits for your videos on youtube is simply to expose them to others. You can do that by simply subscribing and adding friends or leaving comments, i.e being active very often on youtube. That way you make friends (those who add you as friends) and get an audience willing to view what’s new on your uploads. Remember, the more you subscribe, the more you get subscribtions.

    The biggest trick though obvious to some, is basically to subscribe to popular channels and request them to add you as friends. Remember that these channels are visited a lot, the chances of your youtube channel seen is very likely when you appear on the popular channels because you’re linked from the channels you subscribed to. Obviously this again leads to your videos looked at.

    So, subscribe, add friends and comment to popular channels and videos, before you know it, you gather hundreds of friends and subscriptions in return. Keep doing this for a few months and soon you’ll be a youtube star!

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  4. c jackson

    Hi,I create high quality instrumentals and even did a beat it solo on keyboards with a glove on ,sound really great i was told by listeners ,yet my hits are still low ..Though mediocre videos etc millions of views …jackson2012music at youtube ..What can I do to turn this around ..Thank you ..

  5. I’m curious to find out what blog platform you are utilizing?
    I’m having some minor security issues with my latest blog and I’d like to find something more safe.

    Do you have any suggestions?

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