flipping mental blocks

The body might say yes, but the brain says no. When we’re not ready to advance as fast as we like, or there’s a step missing in our progression, the brain steps in and shuts us down. I like the way our brains have this self protection mechanism – but why does it happen? Because it knows its about to damage the body.

People don’t seem to realise that fear happens because the brain is frightened. The big lumbering mass of limbs that surrounds it, may feel fine, but even the encouragement of our friends can’t shift the ‘stubburn’ brain when its scared.

The more we learn to ignore fear – the more we can push ourselves and find our limits. People that have been doing ‘scarey’ stuff for a long time, commonly only discover their limitations when they hurt themselves. As they have learnt to harness their adrenalin rush of ‘fear’ and use it to their advantage. All athletes try to use this when competing and performing, but its only right at the beginning, the early days of learning that the conflict between the brain and the body is so obvious.

Experienced people know how to get us past these mental blocks, whilst our mates are often just left bemused at our futile attempts to reach our goal.

This post was inspired by this guy desperate to learn frontflips:



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3 responses to “flipping mental blocks

  1. tom

    i know that kid!

  2. hope he’s still trying them!

  3. Noty

    sorry, my friend took the video off youtube. watta douche.

    again sorry

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