Hong Kong Parkour

I’m just about to head out the door finishing work, but before I leave I noticed a feature that TIME have done on Hong Kong Parkour:

Leaps and Bounds

 [Loop Cycle – A parkour athlete tumbles and soars over the Parisian cityscape, captured here sequentially in a photo montage. Photograph for TIME by Philippe Dudouit]

First some video then a photo show and finally the story to go along with it all.




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5 responses to “Hong Kong Parkour

  1. hello

    whats the name of this type of picture

  2. its a sequence. However the sequence is overlayed ontop of each other to fit on a single frame. Some cameras can do it ‘in camera’ but most people create them in Photoshop etc.

    hope this helps – mark

  3. Hi there.
    I have seen your Parkour Hong Kong image and am keen to use this in a marketing campaign – Would it be possible to purchase the use of this image?
    Kind regards


  4. if you read my blog post, you will see that I do not own the image Lynda

  5. kamakhya siddharth

    i want learn parkour…….but their is no classes in Indi

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