Volland Humonggio, Surya Pro Capoeira Commercial

I post video’s of adverts because I like to see how the commercial media presents tricking to, and therefore influences the public. Just like how many kids were influenced to start skateboarding by watching Back To The Future, and capoeira through the BBC pre programme trailers. Pushing flips, in all forms, into our homes, increases its ‘acceptability’. Young people want to be part of something and they are looking at everything to discover things that appeal to them. Adverts are a constant source of influence. The media has the power to present something difficult as ‘easy’, something stylish as ‘glamourous’. Look at the number of professional football players that perform a round off backflip on the pitch after scoring a goal for example, and remember the days when Naseem Hamed only entered the boxing ring by doing a frontflip? Its all flips and its all good, and I’m sharing it:


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